Friday, April 16, 2010


Wednesday was a lovely, warm and sunny day.  Aside from having to work for a few hours, the day was perfect!  A great day for a birthday!  At this point,  I haven't allowed myself to get too concerned with my birthday anymore, but my wonderful friends remind me that it is indeed a day to celebrate!  I am blessed to have many fantastic friends in my life, and I wanted to share a couple of special gifts I received.


My dear friend Amy is a very talented artist and she has passed on her passion and ability to her 7 year old daughter Sophie LoveJoy.  I saw this picture hanging in the kitchen several months ago during a visit, and just fell in love with it!  Something about it seemed special to me, and my very thoughtful friend remembered this and sent me a copy for my birthday.  It will soon be hanging on my "Wall of Fame".  Thank you again Sophie!  I'm proud to own a piece of your art!


Aren't these absolutely adorable!  My sweet sister Robin gave this set of storage boxes to me, and they are just so happy and colorful.  I'm trying to decide if I should display them together on my newly re-painted hutch or break them up to spread cheer in several rooms.  Ahhhh...I just love looking at these!  Thank you sister!

My day was capped off with a hilarious dinner with three girlfriends.  We sat outside at a quaint local restaurant, drank raspberry martinis and ate a fantastic dinner.  We laughed and probably embarrassed a few patrons with our "colorful" conversation!   Did you catch the pink theme here! 

Yep, laughter is the best medicine.  I highly recommend it!

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  1. Happy day to you! What a blessing to be surrounded by such thoughtful friends.


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