Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TRENDS ~ 2011



(Brocante = Flea Market)

I am IN LOVE with this look! 

  Simple, serene, casual and charming. 

Scandinavian Country…French Nordic.

  So lovely!

This is what is inspiring me this spring for my shopping, my booth, my

creations and my home!  Neutral and soft pastel colors, lightweight

fabrics, roses and soft laces mixed with rough surfaces such as burlap

and whitewashed walls. 

Painted wood furniture and industrial metal with touches of patina.

  A little Bohemian inspiration working together with simple rustic

pieces.  Throw in stacks of books, flowers,

glass in beautiful shades of green.

Think of bringing pieces of the garden inside. 

Display collections of items such as silver candlesticks, clocks and

vintage hat boxes.

Mix fabrics and textures…coarse and rough jute with soft cotton.

Create your own style!

Ordinary wood hangers transformed with

wrapped strips of romantic fabrics. 

This might inspire me to put my clothes away!


   Recover found hatboxes with your

favorite fabrics or vintage wallpapers.

Make simple labels to help keep things organized.

Mirrors are in trend again as well.  Placed in groups on your table,

show off simple flowers in a variety of decorative glass containers.

  Again, it’s about grouping and simplicity.

I’m ready to redecorate, relax, renew and refresh for the New Year!

How about you? 

What is your inspiration?

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Photo Credits:  Everything in the Home, Millas Home


  1. Wow, I agree- great book and great style. Reminds me of your work.

  2. Hi Jackie
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment
    Your blog is beautiful and I love that book!
    My style is a little more layered than the Nordic, although I love looking at the pictures. The color palette is up my alley though.
    Blessings this week


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