Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Springfield Flea Market

I’ve been a bad blogger….sorry.  Moving threw me for a bigger curve than I anticipated and the timing was really bad!  Things are finally settling down on the homefront and shows are in full swing.  The biggest challenge has been my workspace which is nicer than what I had before, but smaller!  So, naturally, I decided to work on larger scale pieces ALONG with everything else I do.  My husband is so happy…lol.

Late last week I found out about a huge flea market in Ohio.  Since I had one last weekend off, I decided I could not pass it up!

IMG00273I’m so glad I went!  This place was huge,  over  2000 vendors.  At first I was completely overwhelmed and didn’t even know where to start. 


When I finally got my bearings, I discovered so many great treasures waiting to be reloved.  I blew through my budget pretty quickly!

I met several great vendors and saw some amazing booths.  There are so many talented dealers out there and it was very exciting to see the beautiful work and displays they pulled together.


I loved the bright colors in this booth, AlleyCat Chic!  They have a store in the Dayton area where they sell antiques, clothing and home decor.



Another one of my favorite booths was shared by two vendors, Harry & Annie’s and Memories Gate.   More beautifully painted furniture and accessories.  They had a very eye-catching display using unique colors that would brighten up any room!  They have boutiques in Washington Court House, Ohio. 

 100_0716 100_0717


Another beautiful booth was Old World New Home.  They had several pieces that I wanted to take home!  They have a store in Columbus, Ohio full of eclectic home furnishings, accessories and clothing.

100_0722 100_0720 100_0721

I came home exhausted, sunburned and excited to relove all of my fabulous finds!  Can’t wait for the next show in September!




  1. I LOVE all those items in every photo!! Can I have one of each? Love. Love. =)

  2. Just loved your booth at Horton's! This looks like a great flea market in Ohio. Where is it in Ohio?


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