Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great start to the New Year!

So Monday hubs and I stopped into Logan Village to clean up our booth space and pull out the left over Holiday merchandise.  It was his last day of vacation and we had a big project we wanted to work on at home so we didn’t plan on being in there too long.  As we began to work in the booth, I noticed the big corner room right across from me was vacant!  I asked the owner (who was pretty sick) about it and she stated the vendor JUST moved out the day prior.  Hmmm… it spoken for?  How much? CAN I HAVE IT!!!!!

I put poor Mary (one of the owners) on the spot and pleaded my case.  She couldn’t answer right away…wasn’t feeling well…and I admit I pouted a wee little bit.  It’s pretty hard to get a space in this mall, but I had hoped from the beginning to move to a bigger location.  We moved in pretty quickly in November but I was very grateful to have the space I did.  Lo and behold, a while later she told me I could have it!  So, unplanned, unprepared but excitedly we packed up and moved across the hall!

product shots 001-1 

The new space is almost double in size, and is so bright and cheery!  I have room for so much more inventory and I need to fill it up!  The pictures aren’t great…the lighting is weak, but I just had to share…

product shots 003 product shots 002 product shots 004 product shots 005 product shots 006 product shots 007 product shots 009 product shots 010 product shots 011-1 product shots 011 product shots 012

I even get a great nook in the hall outside of my room!

product shots 027   product shots 030 product shots 016 product shots 017 product shots 018 product shots 020-1  product shots 023 product shots 024 product shots 036   product shots 035

 So we’re all moved in and now I need to fill it up!  I’m so excited with the new space and can’t wait to share more with you in the coming weeks!

Check us out at

Logan Village Mall

Historic Downtown Noblesville, Indiana

Monday thru Saturday 10-6

Sundays 12-5

Happy New Year!




  1. Looks beautiful Jackie !! I'll have to make a trip to Noblesville soon :)

  2. Thanks! Let me know when you are down this way...we'll do lunch!

  3. Congrats on your new booth space, it looks really fabulous and I'm sure you won't have a problem filling it up! I can't believe you get that little nook, too, that is the icing on the cake!
    This post is making me miss my booth in an antique mall (that burned down last year). I've been thinking about doing it again but I actually dread all the work it will take to move in! Maybe someday...
    Have a fabulous week!


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