Monday, March 12, 2012

Paint, Paper, Pallets and a Window…

We had a very busy week at Shambora Studios.  We installed a window, a new line of merchandise, and completely remodeled our booth.  So, prepare for a long post!

When a space opened up at Logan Village Mall last November, we had to move in pretty quickly…it was right before the Holiday Open House and we wanted to take advantage of the great traffic and shopping opportunities.  So, we set up shop as best as we could and then set off on our regular Holiday schedule.  Then after the New Year a bigger and brighter space opened up and we had to jump on that as well!  So, we moved in as-is…no chance to really refurbish the room first like most vendors do (which is so much smarter!)

Well, finally this past weekend we had the time to go in and really make the room our own.  We spent the night painting, cleaning, hammering, arguing ;), gluing and painting some more…but we’re so excited with the results!


Please forgive my photo quality…forgot my digital camera so I had to use my phone…someday, maybe someday, I’ll be able to afford a nice camera to capture those beautiful images so many of my fellow bloggers are able to do!

So, we literally emptied the entire place…

IMAG0721 The room was a shade of yellow which I wasn’t happy with at all.  It just really did not do any favors to my merchandise.  The first thing we did was change the light covers…HUGE difference!

IMAG0722 The side wall is covered in pegboard.  Unfortunately, there is nothing but a very stinky old unfinished wall behind there, so we had to seal it off.  My very generous friend Renee had a roll of heavy brown paper so I proceeded to decoupage the entire wall with it!

IMAG0723We decided to cover the back wall with pallets…I’ve seen so many awesome pictures using these and have wanted to incorporate them into my display for some time.  This was the perfect place to do it, and thanks to my wonderful friend Mark, we picked some up for free!

In lieu of painting the back wall, we thought it would look cool to have burlap showing through the slats, so I covered the entire wall with panels I had in stock.

IMAG0725 I should have taken a photo of patient hubby installing the panels, but I didn’t.  I was focused on completing the painting so we wouldn’t be there all night long (which we practically were anyway!). I, of course, changed my mind on the layout so he had to do some modification.  Tried his patience, but it turned out much better!

IMAG0724I changed the room color to a soft grey.  Again…immediately made a huge difference in the feeling of the room!  The grey has a slight blue cast to it which is exactly what I was looking for…

We planned on pulling up the carpet and utilizing the cement floor…however we discovered that it had been painted a couple of shades of not-so-pretty blue.  So, for now, we put the carpet back down until we decide what to do!  With the rug down and all of the changes, you really don’t notice it anymore so I think I can live with it for while longer…

IMAG0735IMAG0729   IMAG0728IMAG0733We installed shutters and my favorite chippy aqua door over the brown papered wall.  Really brightened up the room! 

IMAG0732 IMAG0730 IMAG0731 IMAG0742 IMAG0741IMAG0727We’re pretty excited with how it turned out!

Also, last week we installed a new window display for the month of march and re-merchandised the outside nook of my booth, adding in jewelry and new vintage print t’s!

IMAG0712IMAG0713 The t’s are $19 and are available in cream, mushroom, and silver.  There is a mix of 5 different fun vintage inspired graphics…

The jewelry is all handmade by me as well…using ReLoved vintage pieces that I have collected while junking, picking, and shopping!  Custom pieces are also available…just email me!

IMAG0715 For the window I went with a Garden theme…it’s a teeny window so I couldn’t install everything I planned, but I thought it would be nice to get a jump on Spring!

IMAG0716IMAG0717 IMAG0718 IMAG0714Poor Hubby was put through the ringer this past week…He works his normal day job, then had three very, very late nights at the mall,  running errands, building, loading, unloading, painting, hammering and drilling for me.  I did make him a big steak dinner last night but he deserves more…:) 

Again, thank you for your patience with my camera-phone photos!  I promise that someday soon I will be able to wow you with fabulous images but these will have to do for now!

So now I’m off to work on designing for two decorating clients and preparing for upcoming shows!  Next up is Randolph Street Vintage Market in Chicago and then we start our season at Kane County Flea Market.

And…don’t forget about the big one! 

The Vintage Marketplace

is making it’s debut at the Springfield Flea Market and Antique Show May Extravaganza.

Click on the links…mark your calendars…save your money…buckle up and enjoy the ride…

It’s going to be an exciting season!







  1. Love it all..want to come and shop, Jackie!!!!! Luv it! Where is the mall at?

    E-m me about your tees, Jackie are you selling any wholesale? Looking forward to seeing you at Kane, XO M

    1. Hi Monica!
      Thanks so much for the kind comments. Logan Village Mall is located in downtown Noblesville, Indiana. There are several other sweet antique/gift shops here so if you come through central Indiana you should stop by!

      I'll email you about the shirts!

  2. Jackie what an amazing transformation you did to your space!!! It is so very lovely. I love the wood & burlap everything looks fantastic. I was giggling about the arguing part me & hubby do all of our projects together so sometimes it gets the best of us. Really a great turnout. Love the photos


  3. I love all of your vintage treasures and look forward to meeting you at the Springfield Extravaganza!!! I visit annually and am excited to meet all of the Vintage Market vendors! I'm squealing with anticipation! Hugs, Michelle


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