Thursday, February 26, 2015

Finding Beauty In Winter

Winter seems so hard on so many people.  It's too long...too dark...too cold.
A bitter stopover on the way to the promise of spring. 
 I seem to be one of the rare ones who looks forward to this time of year.

I've been fortunate these past few chilly months to do a bit of wandering.  
I have visited 6 states in the last 5 months, soaking in my surroundings
and realizing just how cleansing and lovely this season really is to me.

I do not focus on the negative aspects of winter as so many do...
short days, cold breezes...
lack of green, flowers and warmth.

Seasons exist in our environment and in our life.
Spring is about growth and renewal...
summer is about activity and busyness...
fall is about harvest and thankfulness.

Winter for me is a time for rest, reflection, re connecting and planning.
The air seems clean and clear.  
Snow creates a sense of calmness and quiet in my surroundings.
The colors are soft and neutral.
It's when I feel most creative.  

I chose to use my superpower on winter!  
Take time to look for the beauty in the cold, the dark, the snow...
for it is a season to be enjoyed.

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