Monday, March 2, 2015

love affair...neutrals

I have often been asked to describe my style 
which used to send my brain into a state of confusion...
(anyone close to me knows that's easily accomplished ;)
I was taught through design classes in college and in my former professional life working in visual merchandising that you had to pigeon hole this thought into one word:

Art Deco
French Country
Shabby Chic

The truth is most people decorate with a mix of styles.  I have always been a bit eclectic but you can look through my Pinterest boards and see that there is a common theme.
I believe everyone's style evolves and changes over time.  Our culture changes so frequently and rapidly that is often stressful to keep up.  We are bombarded with trends and images of what's popular that many lose sight of what they personally identify with and what makes them feel comfortable.  

Over the years I have steered more and more away from color.  I no longer feel the need to make every room in my home or my wardrobe look like a page out of a magazine and am fortunate to have slowly collected a few items that I truly love.  Greys, mixed shades of creams and browns, soft textures mixed with hard surfaces, raw wood mixed with painted pieces, classics mixed with rustic elements.  

There is something about a soft, neutral palate that brings calmness to any surroundings.  The "calm after the storm" of every day chaos if you like.  And a neutral palate always allows for the addition of color through accessories and accent pieces in your decor and your outfits!  

These are some of my favorite pins which reflect what I seem to always long for...
calmness, simplicity, stillness...
having less with more meaning in what you have :) 



"Sheepish" by Karena Goldfinch, via Flickr


my scandinavian home: A Norwegian space with a boho / rustic touch

Hearts of Glass

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chair grey

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